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Edgewood Place is about incorporating little celebrations into your life to remember for years to come. It's about making those occasions intensely personal and uniquely you. It's about those special trinkets that always remind you of grandma's house. It's about the smell of your mom's soup on the stove every Friday night. It's about the late night conversations that you have with girlfriends in your pajamas. It's about the community potluck with your entire neighborhood. It's about cutting down the Christmas tree from the family farm year after year.


So why Edgewood Place? Our name, Edgewood Place Occasions, pays homage to the beginning of my life, it's a place where I started to blossom -- where I finally began to discover how to be the best version of myself. The little brick house on Edgewood is where my life story started to unfold. It's where my personal legacy begins & I strive to honor that in all that I bring into this space. And the best news? It's an ongoing work in progress. I'm Margaret & I love the art of hospitality... so put on your slippers, let me pour you a glass of wine & welcome you to Edgewood Place.